Biodiversity and ecology in the Australian bush

The living forest


In the 'other animals' category, we include those terrestrial creatures that most people (zoologists excluded!) think of as 'animals' - mammals, reptiles and amphibians. There are far fewer species of these vertebrate animals than invertebrates - both on the block and more generally. We are therefore reasonably confident that, after living here for several years now, we have discovered most of them.

As many mammalian species are nocturnal, our encounters with them are rare. We have used a night vision trail camera to help discover that group. The reptiles, particularly the lizards, are simpler to find and photograph. And the small 'frog bog' we built has increased our chances of seeing the various species of tree frogs that otherwise spend their time high in the trees or concealed in the undergrowth.

All images were taken by us, on site, over the last few years.