How we approach species identification

How we approach species identification

This is not one of our usual blogs.
It is really an announcement.

We have just completed a new section of the website. 'Species ID' is a detailed account of how we approach identifying vertebrates, invertebrates and plants. 

The section started out as simply a reference list. We thought it a good idea to include a 'back page' to the website, listing the references and resources we most commonly use in studying life here in the forest. 

But we rather quickly decided that a list alone didn't say very much at all. It wouldn't describe the processes we use to make our sightings, or just how we use various resources for identification. Nor would a list really offer any guidance to a person who might be similarly interested in understanding more about the biodiversity around them.

So the list has become three rather lengthy pages of text. For each group of organisms we first describe how we go about making observations and collecting data. Then we list the key resources we use and how we use them. 

And on each page we offer a series of Tips which we trust people will find helpful in developing their own strategies for species identification.