Red and Black things in the pond

Our frog pond is a real drawcard - not just for frogs but for a diverse range of creatures. Every week we seem to see a new visitor. Today we saw a newbie in company with a familiar denizen. While being very different animals, they share the same striking colour scheme.

First the old - our resident Red-bellied Black Snake made another of its frequent appearances at the pond this morning. It searched the perimeter of the pond for any unwary amphibians before sunning itself on the warm slate tiles we have so thoughtfully placed for it on the edge.



Just a minute after the photo above was taken, another red and black creature appeared - a male Scarlet Honeyeater. We were treated to regular visits of this striking bird last Summer but have seen it on only a few occasions since then and never at the pond.


The Scarlet flew to a eucalypt sapling at the edge of the pond before perching on a log in the water. After taking a drink from the pond, it flew off. We're hoping it becomes a frequent visitor.